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Obsidian is part of a new generation of FDM 3D printers that redefines what's possible in affordable 3D printing.
It is exquisitely designed, inside and out with a sleek body available in Obsidian Black or Trooper White. Its internal components were engineered in-house by experienced manufacturers and exclusive to Kodama. This is the 3D printer the world has been waiting for, with no compromises made between beauty, quality, and affordability.

Obsidian is brought to you by Kodama, the team that delivered the Trinus 3D printer to over 3000 Kickstarter backers in over 80 countries. Learn more.

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Professional-grade quality
at an unbelievable price. 

Plug & Play

Obsidian comes assembled. Just plug it in and start printing. 

 Exquisite Design

Designed to inspire, it's unlike any printer you've seen before. Available in white or black.



Record time lapses and
monitor prints remotely.


Heated Bed*

Allows you to print with material like ABS and PETG. 

Android Display*

Control your print settings with an exclusive user interface. 



*These add ons can be ordered with your Obsidian as an upgrade. 

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Tech Specs:

Basic Specs

Printing Technology: FDM

Chassis: Aluminum

Screen: 3.2" TFT Touch*

Connectivity: USB, SD/WiFi*

Camera: 2 megapixel webcam*

*Available as an upgrade.

Printing Features

Build Volume: 120x120x120mm

Layer Thickness: 50-350μm

Heat Range: 180-250°C